January 4, 2024
3 minute read

Your Customers Are Your #1 Marketing Tool

As marketers, we recognize the importance of a brand’s ad copy, creative and content. These assets are the tools that are used to bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Better yet, they’re the drivers behind an audience’s perception of a brand.

However, one tool that brands forget about far too often is their own customers. Customer voices have the power to influence reach, perception and even purchases.

You’re probably thinking: “That’s great, but how can we control word-of-mouth marketing?” While word-of-mouth marketing is the potential next step generated after a product is purchased, using customers as a marketing tool requires brands to leverage their advocates far before any campaign is launched and any new product is sold. It’s about swapping ad copy for customer testimonials and trading commercial actors for real buyers. Much like any marketing initiative, leveraging your customers as a tool requires planning and outreach.

Real customers are authentic, relatable and trustworthy and these three factors are essential for brands to build an emotional connection with new, existing and potential customers.

Below, are some of the ways in which brands can implement this approach:

  • Publish client testimonials on the company’s website
  • Invite real customers to participate in discussion forums or podcasts
  • Feature customers in both static and video content
  • Repost customer-generated content on social media
  • Integrate loyal customer spotlights into the social media content strategy
  • Invite customers to attend product launch events

Relationships are built between people and leveraging your customers’ voices is an effective way to build an emotional connection with prospects. Whether you currently have 100 or 1,000 customers, integrating them into the marketing mix is a winning strategy.